The Manufacturing Facility

is located in Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala, in India. Covering an area of 8000 sq.ft, the plant is designed based on GMP and Schedule M and is currently instituting new methodologies and other operational excellence programs. These new programs will ensure to our clients that quality standards are met and the products are delivered on time and within budget. Committed to growth and backed by professionals we are ideally positioned to understand and meet your needs in a growing healthcare industry on both global and national levels. Our unique combination of innovative formulation technology and strong commitment to customer service ensures optimum speed-to-market and therefore optimum return on investment for your company. Whether you are starting with a compound of your own or one you have acquired from another source, you will need a development partner who can get you off the line fast and help you in your project with efficiency and accuracy. Nutragen has a world class manufacturing facility offering increased capacity and capabilities at the best prices. Nutragen is able to take your product from API sourcing to commercial manufacturing. We provide exceptional customer service standards and formulate products which can be used in the health, cosmeceutical and recreational sectors. These value added products enhance the quality of life of the consumer. We thus are committed through our products and services, to provide the health and comfort of humanity


Softgel capsules - the preferred dosage form
Consumer research surveys confirm that Softgels are the most popular delivery system. Softgel products have gained a 20% share of The U.S. cough and cold market and this has seen the launch of several major brand Softgel line extensions in the last few years. The success this has received shows that customers are prepared to pay more for fast acting innovative softgel products.

Softgels are easier to swallow than tablets

Liquid medicines can be offered as convenient solid unit doses

They are hygienic and tamper evident

They are seen as a very modern dosage form

The trend of self-medication has driven growth in the OTC market thereby providing new opportunities of product differentiation in Softgels





The pharmaceutical and therapeutic Advantages of
Manufacturing at Nutragen:

Improved bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs

Specific solutions for demanding actives

Improved bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs

Formulations with conclusive pharmacokinetics

Safe processing of highly active substances

Content uniformity

Taste-masked liquids

Improved patient compliance