is a global contract manufacturer established in 2005 with an intention to provide high quality finished Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products with utmost customer satisfaction. We help our customers across the health care industry find answers to the challenges they face and improve the quality of care for their patients.



Nutragen seeks to contribute to the health and wellbeing of humanity through all of its actions, but primarily by developing, or acquiring and making available, products that enhance the body's natural ability to maintain a healthy state.

Corporate Philosophy:

We offer our customers around the world high quality products and services, and we resolve to develop our business in a way that contributes to human needs and social welfare.

Corporate Principle:

With high quality as our top priority, we challenge, innovate and create.


Quality Vision:
Nutragen aims to be a world class manufacturer and service provider to offer the highest quality product and services to the satisfaction of our consumers.

Quality Mission:
At Nutragen we are committed to uncompromising quality in each stage of the development and manufacturing cycle. The cumulative efforts of all our employees in maintaining preset quality standards adhering to GMP standards aimed at Defect Prevention rather than Defect Detection helps our health care customers succeed. Every employee at Nutragen considers quality as an attitude and not a mere guideline.

Quality Standard:
Every employee at Nutragen ensures that we will meet both today’s and tomorrow’s standards to provide the customer with the highest standard of products.